MediaConch – Appendix: Discovery Interviews

Project Acronym: PREFORMA

Grant Agreement number: 619568

Project Title: PREservation FORMAts for culture information/e-archives

Prepared by: SARL

  • Erik Piil
  • Ashley Blewer
  • Dave Rice

Prepared for: The PREFORMA Consortium

Date: March 2, 2015

Licensed under: Creative Commons CC-BY v4.0

Summary: In order to design a project responsive to the needs and concerns of a community of memory institutions, we released an online survey during the design phase to cover information. This report summarizes the findings of the survey and provides the raw data from the questionairre.

Interview Introduction

PREFORMA (PREservation FORMAts for culture information/e-archives) is a Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) project co-funded by the European Commission under its FP7-ICT Programme. PREFORMA aims to address the challenge of implementing good quality standardised file formats for preserving data content in the long term. The main objective is to give memory institutions full control of the process of the conformity tests of files to be ingested into archives. MediaArea is one of six teams that will present their software architecture to the PREFORMA panel in March 2015. The panel will then make a further selection amongst suppliers from phase 1 (research) to proceed to phase 2 (development).

MediaArea has been tasked with researching community standards and developing standard conformance checks for FFV1 (a lossless video codec), Matroska Multimedia Container, and Linear Pulse-Code Modulated Audio (LPCM) to support efforts of long-term preservation in memory institutions.

MediaArea is reaching out to select archivists, vendors, and technologists who utilize or develop these audiovisual formats as part of the discovery work of our current design phase.

Interview Questions

During the interview we would like to cover the following quesitons in regards to one or more of the following formats: FFV1, Matroska, LPCM:

  • [ ] Please describe your use of the format.
  • [ ] For what circumstances or uses would you recommend or not recommend the format?
  • [ ] Please describe any concerns in the use or the selection of the format for preservation use.
  • [ ] Please describe any lessons learned in the use of the format.
  • [ ] How do you recommend assessing quality of or validating the format?
  • [ ] Please describe any workflow or use of tools for file format conformance checking.
  • [ ] What functions or features are essential in these workflows or tools? How could they be improved or expanded?
  • [ ] What tools would better enable the use of the format within the OAIS model?
  • [ ] What specifications, practices, rules, or expectations do you apply to the use of the format?
  • [ ] Matroska and FFV1 are not standardized, is it problematic for you?
  • [ ] Do you recommend specific conditions when using the format?
  • [ ] Is there anything else you’d like to say about the format, conformance checking tools, or the project?

Use of the Interview

MediaArea would like to record interviews for the purpose of generating a document of interview notes. These notes will be provided to the interviewee to allow for any modifications requested by the interviewee. Once approved by the interviewee the notes will then be released under a Creative Commons license, CC-BY v4.0. Please direct any questions to